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What Can go in the Recycling Depot Bins

The Regional Authority of Carlton Trail (REACT) is a not-for-profit municipal waste region that is owned and operated by 31 urban and 16 rural member municipalities that have joined together to manage their solid waste and recycling. REACT's guiding principle is to divert as much waste from the landfill as possible. Through waste reduction and recycling, our goal is to dispose of 65% less waste to landfill.

The most effective way to keep waste out of the landfills is to reduce the amount of waste that we produce. Buying in bulk and encouraging merchants to sell more commodities in bulk reduces the amount of packaging that you have to deal with. Choosing products that have less packaging reduces the amount of garbage for disposal. Buy reusable items rather than disposable items whenever possible. Using cloth shopping bags is good for the environment and helps reduce the amount of plastic bags going to the landfill. Composting or other forms of organic waste management can substantially reduce the amount of waste being landfilled.

REACT will provide, when requested, workshops and information on how to manage your organic waste in your home, school or business. Please feel free to inquire about workshops and information for all your waste and recycling needs! Help us to make your community one of the greenest in Saskatchewan! Automated curbside cart collection for waste and recycling is offered to all towns and villages within the district. Talk to your Town or Village if you would like this service!

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