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Saskatchewan Environment and Resource Management initiated the Municipal Solid Waste Management Assistance Program in 1992 in response to the outcome of public consultation in which municipalities and government recommended exploring regional waste management systems as an option for cost effectively managing waste. The Regional Authority of Carlton Trail was chosen as a pilot project for Saskatchewan to determine the feasibility of other municipal regional waste management systems within the province. Due to the success of REACT, there are at this time 17 regional waste authorities in Saskatchewan who have built systems unique to their own waste management circumstances.

REACT went into operation September 3, 1996 as the first fully integrated regional solid waste management system in the province. In 1996, there were 16 urban and 10 rural municipalities with a population base of approximately 19,000. Today, REACT serves 31 urban and 16 rural municipalities with a population of approximately 26,000. The Federation of Canadian Municipalities in 2009 chose REACT as one of the top nine municipal entities across Canada for successful waste management diversion and partnerships that included 47 municipalities covering over 11,400 square kilometers. REACT received the Saskatchewan Municipal Award in 2010 for Regional Leadership and Partnerships. Municipal governments and colleges with environmental programs within the province continue to tour our facilities for education on the benefits of belonging to a regional waste management system.

It all starts here! REACTs philosophy is to divert as much waste as possible from landfill. This is done by dividing the waste stream into 1) recycling and 2) waste. We operate one of the most comprehensive recycle programs in the province. We have 32 recycle depots throughout the district, with one or more being placed in nearly every urban community. Each recycle centre now accepts single stream recycling which allows residents to drop off their household plastics, tin, newsprint, magazines (glossy paper), office paper and box board/cardboard into one bin. We ask that glass be kept separate and dropped into the bin labeled for glass. Please refer to our recycling brochure to get a detailed list of what you can recycle. All recycle centers are serviced on a regular basis and the material is then taken to our processing centre in Humboldt where it is baled and sent off to market.

REACT provides door to door residential waste collection in all 31 urban communities. Residents must place a yellow tag or sticker on their 77 litre can or bag in order for it to be picked up. The directions are labeled directly on the yellow sticker. These waste tags can be purchased at various locations in your community. For more information, please refer to the tag guidelines under services. All household recycling can be placed in the depot bins at no charge. Backyard composting can save residents money and provide a valuable soil amendment. REACT encourages you to check with your town office for backyard composting incentives that your town or village may offer.

REACT operates 17 transfer stations and two landfills. These sites are where the public takes the bulk of their garbage. REACT encourages further separation of waste such as wood, metal, compost, and cement at these sites to divert as much as possible from the landfill. Clean wood, tree branches and compost can be placed on piles free of charge. Used motor oil, motor oil containers/pails and filters can be taken to landfills at no charge.

Members of REACT

City of Humboldt
RM of Woodcreek No. 281
RM of Usborne No. 310
RM of Morris No. 312
RM of Lakeside No. 338
RM of LeRoy No. 339
RM of Wolverine No. 340
RM of Viscount No. 341
RM of Colonsay No. 342
RM of Spalding No. 368
RM of St. Peter No. 369
RM of Humboldt No. 370
RM of Bayne No. 371
RM of Pleasantdale No. 398
RM of Lake Lenore No. 399
RM of Three Lakes No. 400
RM of Hoodoo No. 401
Resort Village of Manitou Beach
Resort Village of Wakaw Lake
Towns of:
Bruno, Colonsay, Cudworth, Lanigan, LeRoy, Naicam, St. Brieux, Wakaw, Watson, Watrous
Villages of:
Annaheim, Drake, Englefeld, Guernsey, Lake Lenore, Meacham, Middle Lake, Muenster, Pilger, Pleasantdale, Plunkett, Quill Lake, Simpson, Spalding, St. Benedict, St. Gregor, Viscount, Young, Zelma

Please refer to the services section for more information on recycling and waste collection/disposal options such as bin rentals.

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