2018 Family Day Schedules/Services - February 19/18

2018 Family Day Schedules/Services - February 19/18

Postby reactsask » Wed Feb 14, 2018 8:38 pm

REACT will be CLOSED on Monday, February 19, 2018 - FAMILY DAY.
REACT services will resume on Tuesday, February 20-23, 2018.

MONDAY (Feb 19th) - CLOSED
TUESDAY (Feb 20th) - Drake, Lanigan, Guernsey, Bruno, Carmel, St. Brieux, Pleasantdale, LacVert, Naicam, Muenster, Watrous, Manitou, Plunkett
WEDNESDAY (Feb 21st) - Pilger, Middle Lake, St. Benedict, Wakaw, Cudworth, Dana, Spalding, Quill Lake, Watson
THURSDAY (Feb 22nd) - Automated Curbside (Recycling) for Annaheim & the South Side of Hwy 5 in Humboldt, Humboldt Tag-a-Bag (for businesses), Engelfeld, St. Gregor, LeRoy, Lake Lenore
FRIDAY (Feb 23rd) - Automated Curbside (Recycling) for the North side of Hwy 5 in Humboldt, Simpson, Young, Colonsay, Viscount, Meacham, Peterson
*PLEASE NOTE: employees are doubling up on some runs and will not be on the same schedule as usual - please be sure to have your waste out early to ensure it does not get missed.

MONDAY (Feb 19th) - CLOSED
TUESDAY (Feb 20th) - Waste Service: Humboldt, Simpson, Watrous, Drake, Lanigan, Burr, St. Brieux, Naicam, Quill Lake, Watson, Englefeld, St. Gregor Recycle Service: Humboldt, LeRoy, Quill Lake, Watson, St. Gregor, Muenster
WEDNESDAY (Feb 21st) - Waste Service: Humboldt, Marysburg, Lake Lenore, Annaheim, Muenster, LeRoy, Viscount, Colonsay, Young, Zelma, Watrous, Fulda, Pilger, Middle Lake, St. Benedict, Wakaw Lake, Wakaw Recycle Service: Wakaw St. Benedict, Middle Lake, Pilger
THURSDAY (Feb 22nd) - Waste Service: Humboldt, Spalding, Naicam, St. Brieux Recycle Service: Humboldt, St. Gregor, Watson, Englefeld, Annaheim, Muenster, Spalding, Naicam, LacVert, Pleasantdale, St Brieux, Lake Lenore, Peterson, Meacham, Colonsay, Viscount, Young, Watrous, Lanigan, Plunkett, Drake, Manitou, Guernsey, Burr
FRIDAY(Feb 23rd) - Waste Service: Humboldt, Dixon, Carmel, Bruno, Cudworth, Wakaw, Peterson, Meacham, Manitou, Watrous, Guernsey, Lanigan Recycle Service: Humboldt, Cudworth, Bruno, Dixon,
*PLEASE NOTE: Call-in service requests will change according to the holiday schedules - please call at least the day before we are in your area or community (by noon) to ensure service.

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Be safe and have a wonderful holiday!

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